OPEN PASSPORT, another way of travelling.

Open Passport is an initiative created by the director Daniel San Román and the photographer Carlos Albella who, with the support of the production company Cutfilms, was born with the idea of photographing the world to show the most unknown, wild and original corners and, an imaginary collective that remains in our memory.

When a photograph is much more than a printed image, it becomes an experience that we keep forever in our retina. Open Passport is a vivid photograph resulting of the experience of two adventurers who, eager to share their passport, invite us to travel the world with them.

Scotland and the Highlands have been the first destination chosen by these two Madrilenians who decide to include in their routines, a trip at least once a year, to enrich their life experience. In 2017 they have to choose a new country. Open Passport is in the process of funding and seeking sponsorship to offer a demanding and top quality product.

Open Passport is another way of traveling and, therefore, another way of seeing life, with the purpose of becoming a sign of identity for all who want to accompany us in this great adventure.

Someone once said that “We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us” (Anonymous). The steps that a man takes behind his back are the luggage that will accompany him all his life. This is the spirit with which Open Passport starts its journey.


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