At Cutfilms we believe in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company and, therefore, we bet on projects that reinforce our values. We collaborate, either with sponsorship or solidarity work, with companies whose objectives are to support people who overcome day by day with enthusiasm, perseverance and a lot of work.


Isabel García Salguero, from León, is 30 years old and is a fashion designer with Down Syndrome. With the support of the Crea y Crece Association, founded by her mother, Aurora Salguero, the young designer has managed to make her dream come true and to be able to dedicate herself professionally to what she wanted the most, to be a fashion designer. To achieve his goal, and to be able to take his designs to the catwalk, he has the unconditional support of Antonio Ramos, a couturier with many years of experience in haute couture. Both have created the brand Lady Isabel Design, a project carried out with great care and enthusiasm.


Patrocina un Deportista is an initiative through which companies can be present in elite sports, supporting more than 20 athletes from individual Olympic and Paralympic disciplines in their preparation for Tokyo 2020. Cutfilms sponsors the athlete Sonia Bejarano, highlighting the importance of sport and its prestige.

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